Moulded Wipers

When does it pay to buy custom wipers?Moulded wiper

Whenever there is a complex geometry or when you need a series. It is obvious that molds (i.e. tools) are needed to produce these kinds of wipers.

Dynatect is able to offer you wipers of any technically feasible geometry at very attractive prices.

Moulded wiper

When it comes to the right material, you have a choice: You may choose either steel or aluminum in various thicknesses as a base material.

And when it comes to standard elastomeres, you may choose between synthetic caoutchouc or FKM (Viton ®).


Moulded wiper

The precision of the mold is your guarantee for optimum results from your wipers. The fact that wipers are made in molds guarantees 100 %  accuracy for repeat orders.


For your safety, we shall send you drawings for approval before production starts.

Moulded wiper

We will gladly accept your CAD drawings which will be adapted accordingly and returned to you for your approval.

Protective Coating

FormabstreiferAll formed wipers are provided with a transparent coating as a protection against chips and corrosion. The coating is optionally available in black.

Reproduction as per samples

 We will rebuild your specific wiper.- Just send us a sample or a drawing.


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