Schnelllauftür VF Dynatect

The Gortite VF High Speed Safety Doors which have recently been launched on the US market have been designed to separate hazardous operations in the company from other production processes, plant and equipment and employees.  These doors by Dynatect last more than a million cycles and are installed on each side in such a way that, when combined with existing machine guard panels, they guarantee complete protection/separation of the environment. 

Thus staff and machines are protected in areas with high transit, e.g. from possible contamination.  High speed opening and closing times secure production and machine processes as in robotic welding where process generated hazards such as weld smoke, sparks and cuttings are contained.  A "Traveling Photoeye" sensor, stopping the door within seconds if necessary, provides protection from accidents in daily operation.

An optional window grants full view thereby monitoring isolated processes. The red or bronze OSHA compliant UV window is suitable for welding operations.

Dynatect High Speed doors minimise the cycle time and maximise production!

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