Dynatect shows in Hall 8 Booth 8015 diverse solutions, which work preventing in automation technology and make engineering more secure.  Dynatect's dynamic protection portfolio ensures a higher reliability and increases product quality. 

For the engineering industry machines always involve a safety risk.  To minimize the safety risk at a machine dynamic covers help to reduce these risks.  Not only to prevent damage to the machines and expensive downtimes but also to create an effective protective system made up of components and systems that ensure a smooth production process of man with machine.

Pit covers as logistic process advantage

With pit covers it is a bit different: DAF Trucks uses the Steelflex pit covers with lift tables as a height-adjustable work station thus ensuring the optimal post-processing of three different types of cockpits at one work station.  In order to ensure success of the integration of the pit cover into the plant, Dynatect was charged with integrating the Steelflex system as an automated pit cover.  This ‘slip-proof engineering’ renders work stations so flexible that the working height is individually adjustable and furthermore the sensitive automated infeed makes it possible for the worker to move towards the machine without any gap or safety risk.

With the system integration of Steelflex into the paint shop, safe man-machine cooperation is no longer a matter of individual components. For dynamic protective covers system solutions are needed for individual approaches so that the processes with a pit cover to step on are simplified and the work steps for the employee can be rendered more efficient. Apart from functionality, it is therefore also design, quality and sustainability which are important and which are supported by norms and statutory safety regulations. 

Systematic approach of machine protection

Dynamic protective covers by Dynatect offer a comprehensive scale of measures which support the man-machine bond long and sustainably - much to the advantage of the productivity of the customer. The company considers itself a full-range supplier of the complete range of industrial protective covers.  The high diversity of bellows, blinds, aprons, Steelflex covers as well as Polycltuch slip clutches show the width of the range of products. Roderick Hennl, director of Dynatect-Halltech: "Dynamic protective covers support the demand for maximum availability of the plant. Individual components as well as systems such as Steelflex have to be coordinated to make prevention effective. Productivity needs protection - the more as man and machine need to harmonize their radius of action."


      Polyclutch an Inspektionsroboter

          Steelflex Grubenabdeckung Anwendung an Großdrehmaschine
Polyclutch slip clutches in
robot arms for overload protection

Application sample of a Steelflex-
walk-on cover for a paint shop in
a truck manufacturing plant