At this year’s EMO, Dynatect-Halltech informs its visitors in booth E 32 in hall 7 about the newly developed roof covers mit Quick-Connect and further protective measures.

Bellows for machines and equipment provide protection from pollution of all kinds and reduce production noises. These architectural protection systems also separate the places where machining operation occur without giving harmful man-induced actions or health risks a chance.  Dynatect creates modern and efficient machine protection for the interface man-machine - the ideal precondition for occupational health and quality.  In booth E 32 in hall 7 a model of the bellows shows the enhanced function Quick Connect for quick decoupling.

Bellows should be a fixed element in engineering when starting the operation of a production line because the measures in machine protection and occupational safety are often more comprehensive than initially thought.  Individual installation situations, difficult rail and guide geometry or unfavorable space situations are a challenge for the development of solutions, which incorporate system concepts and mean more than safety and economics.  To ensure a well-lit working environment at the machine the roof is manufactured from translucent polyurethane at an extension ratio of 10:1. The rails are low-friction and smooth-running. Dynatect bellows are produced in self-supporting spans of up to 9000 mm and offer safe protection from dust, dirt and debris when closed.  In addition, they reduce noise emitted by the individual work stations.

Besides, necessary workplace protection measures can also be realized efficiently by integrating walk-on covers e.g. to create a secure surface level for machine ways or inspection pits.  A display item of Steelflex on the booth demonstrates visitors the unique flexibility of the segments, which enable a successful implementation of versatile customer solutions.

Dynamic protective covers by Dynatect offer a comprehensive scale of measures which support the man-machine bond long and sustainably - much to the advantage of the productivity of the customer. The company considers itself a full-range supplier of the complete range of industrial protective covers. The high diversity of bellows, blinds, aprons, Steelflex covers as well as polyclutch slip clutches show the width of the range of products.

      Steelflex Grubenabdeckung Anwendung an Großdrehmaschine

          Dynatect auf der Intec 2017
The application shows a roof cover
ensuring the exact machining of large work pieces from wood, aluminum and composite materials without dirt and noise emission.

The exhibition display of Steelflex Walk-on cover shows the flexibility of its segments to both sides in motion.

 Pressemeldung EMO 2017