This year we decided to forgo Christmas gifts for clients and partners, in favour of donating the money to those who are in need of help.

The whole team  jointly selected two charities from the surrounding area. We have supported in equal shares:

  • NAVIS e.V. , a non-governmental organization based in Moosburg/Germany that provides worldwide
         medical and  technical assistance in the event of a disaster. Wolgang Wagner, President of NAVIS,
         thanked the team, assuring us that the money will be used for the daily operation of the school in Léogâne, Haiti.

  • KlinikClowns e.V., a non-commercial association which arranges for clowns to visit children in hospitals and
         institutions in Bavaria, spreading much needed  joy and laughter.


Weihnachten Dynatect: Spenden

Weihnachten Dynatect: Spenden Navis

The whole team was happy to present the donation
to the Clown Luitpold Klassen. 

More information on Klinikclowns

 Wolfgang Wagner, President NAVIS e.V. (right hand),
  thanked  Roderick Hennl, CEO Dynatect-Halltech , for
  the donation.

Read more about NAVIS e.V., Moosburg