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Dynatect Messestand EMO 2015

EMO 2015 – the world of metalworking. Any situation in which man and machine need to work together requires protective devices, and Dynatect offer these in a vast array of options.  Our line of industrial protective equipment includes protective covers of all kinds, miniature slip clutches, and custom elastomer molded parts. Dynatect demonstrated at the EMO in Milan how the products can be applied successfully in practice to meet safety requirements in machine tool environments

Machine protection is always a crucial consideration in avoiding machine damage and expensive production downtime. An effective protection system composed of components and systems that ensure the smooth running of production processes, keeps machines available, and optimizes maintenance strategies. Industrial equipment protection from Dynatect offers a comprehensive range of measures to ensure long and sustainable interaction between man & machine - to the enormous benefit of customer productivity.

Dynatect is a complete provider of a whole range of industrial equipment protection devices. This has led to a line of products that ensures dynamic protection for both man and machine. The great diversity of protective bellows, roll up covers, cover skirts, Steelfex covers as well as Polyclutch slip clutches gives some indication of the breadth of product range. 

Perfect safety on well-protected machines Gortiflex Faltenbalg Dynatect

Bellows are a typical example of how our equipment protection devices find application on dynamically functioning machines. Available in a wide range of versions, they ensure safe working on the machine, for example. Bellows are installed as safety and crush protection, and form part of overall machine protection measures by providing  a barrier against dust, chips, dirt, oils and greases as well as coolant.

Tool and wood processing machines, measuring and testing machines, linear guides and water jet machines are an ideal area of application for path protectors. Functional properties such as geometric stability, tightness to liquid and dust, resistance to UV radiation and environmental influences are essential. The breadth of possible uses for these easy-to-fit machine protectors spans bellows for ventilation of drive motors on locomotives to enormous bellows for swivel stages in theatres on cruise liners with diameters of up to 4.5 meters

The extremely resistant special bellows Gortiflex can be designed - depending on indoor and outdoor use - using selected fabric for extra robustness. Almost all forms of inner radii are possible on these bellows from round, oval, rectangular or also conical without folds. The air and watertight Gortiflex bellows can be equipped with zips, ventilation apertures, wire reinforcement and air filters.

Another bellow variant are the protective bellows for elevating and scissor tables much in demand at the EMO in Milan. The bellows Liftgard serve to prevent injuries and accidents and is manufactured according to customer specifications. The standard material consists of yellow PVC/nylon with black corners, but many other materials and colors are also available. Even transparent bellow versions are possible. An aluminum frame reinforces every fold. Liftgard bellows can be mounted by means of flanges, lugs, press-stud or Velcro or zip fasteners.

Covers in diverse variants Steelflex Schutzabdeckung für Gruben

Dynatect also manufactures covers of all kinds, for example, roll-up and steel covers. Steel covers constitute an ideal option where robust protection of guide rails are required and bellows, roll-up covers and joint protection fall short. Steel covers consist of strong steel boxes that slide telescopically in each other. Steel covers are employed horizontally, vertically or frontally as cross girder cover, the design-varying dependent on use.

Even more robust are pit covers that prevent the risk of falling in work areas. The technical solution for this type of cover is walk-on Steelflex covers that work on the shutter principle and in a closed position ensures a smooth hall floor surface

Slip clutch to protection against excess load Polyclutch Rutschkupplung

The Dynatect slip clutch is a machine protection device of a quite different kind: it protects machine parts against damage by enabling a controlled slippage when exceeding the set torque. The miniature Polyclutch slip clutches come with adjustable, pre-set or permanently set torque and  regulate factors of the application like tension, force, torque or locking - doing this for a guaranteed service life of over 30 million cycles.

The Polyclutch provides safety and protection on conveying belts, label printers or in robotic technology applications. Polyclutch slip clutches are also used for exact torque control on bottle sealing machines such as, for example, for a customer working in the field of research and biotechnology.


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