Zipped protective bellows: Ideal solution in difficult mounting conditions 

Bellows are used to protect machine parts such as shafts, spindles, joints and so on. Depending on ambient conditions or the demands placed on the machines involved,  they will need to be replaced sooner or later – even the best of protective bellows will not last forever. This is because the material they are made of is subject to natural wear and tear, as caused by constant movement, variations in temperature, ground level ozone, oil mist, salt water and deionised water. Last but not least, weld splatter or such occurrences as a dropped workpiece can be a source of mechanical damage to the devices. 

Protective bellows are generally not expensive but if mounting new ones requires the machine to be dismantled in whole or in part, they can be costly to replace.

Dynatect-Halltech offers the ideal solution in the form of protective bellows made to customer specifications and provided a zip fastener (or a hook and loop fastener). Depending on space conditions, a zip is sewn into the bellows in a vertical or diagonal position, with the result that the bellows can be placed over the part requiring protection and closed using the zipper. They are then fixed into place at the top and bottom with either hose clamps as usual or split flanges.

Reinforcement rings required to provide greater stability to larger protective bellows come in split form to facilitate the retrofitting. Thanks to these practical solutions, replacing protective bellows in difficult mounting conditions no longer needs to be such a daunting task. 

Split-type protective bellows are available in the form of Gortiflex bellows, PowerGuard bellows or THEKU bellows (Multiflex) in a broad choice of materials.



Powerguard Balg

Caption:PowerGuard protective bellows made of leather and provided a zip fastener and split reinforcement rings

Powerguard Balg

Caption: Robust PowerGuard protective bellows with zip fastener and additional hook and loop tape

About Dynatect-Halltech
Dynatect-Halltech of Schwaig near Munich is a leading supplier of dynamic equipment protection devices. Founded in 2006 as Halltech, the company offers an extensive array of products and customised solutions for all sectors of industry and in 2012 became a subsidiary of Dynatect Manufacturing (formerly A&A Manufacturing). The corporate group operates production facilities in the U.S.A. and Germany and is globally positioned under the new umbrella brand of DYNATECT as a single source for application solutions optimized to customers' needs. The delivery program includes protective bellows, way wipers, folded bellows, apron way covers,  roll-up covers, pit covers, cable and hose carriers, roll-up doors, slip clutches and telescopic springs as well as coolant and air supply systems.