Full provider of dynamic equipment protection

From 21st to 24th June 2016 Dynatect will be at the AUTOMATICA to showcase its tailor-made solutions for the protection of man and machine

In the field of machine protection Dynatect considers safe industrial automation as one that protects employees and prolongs the service life of machines. Robotic applications in particular are characterised by dynamically moving parts and components that require preventative protective measures. The same also applies to processing centres and machine tools that are frequently coupled with an industrial robot for processing and transport tasks.

Our exhibition team on Stand 529 in Hall B5 will be informing visitors about equipment protection solutions in the field of production. The portfolio ranges from protective covers and bellows of all kinds to miniature slip clutches and extends to customer-specific elastomer mouldings. Wherever man and machine interact, it is safety expectations demand that a safe working environment and the operation of plant and machinery can be assured.

Inspection robots can employ miniature slip clutches as overload protection. For example, two polyclutch slip clutches are employed in each robot arm of a customer-specific application – a blockage leads to clutch slippage, but movement can be re-actuated as soon as the obstacle has been removed.

A model of a walk-on Steelflex cover on the exhibition stand will demonstrate how pit production environments can be professionally covered to prevent accidents. In the robust machine tool environment where welding splashes and chips are commonplace these covers can provide long-term and cost-saving protection.

Contamination and environmental influences can be combated by fitting bellows to robots in order to protect transition areas such as those between platform and robot housing, for example. Risks of accidents along robot paths can be avoided by employing slideway protectors (safety guard, crush protection).

Another example from our range are the specially manufactured hose leather designs for subsequent protection of supply lines and cable looms of robots working in industrial manufacture. It is precisely in these areas of heavy levels of contamination and high temperatures that cables have to perform heavy duty work and can be quickly damaged if insufficiently protected.

 Steelflex Grubenabdeckung Anwendung an Großdrehmaschine Polyclutch Rutschkupplung an Inspektionsrobotern als Überlastschutz
 Walk-on Steelflex cover on a
 large lath

Polyclutch minature slip clutch
on inspection robots as
overload protection


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