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DYNATECT RO-LAB custom molded rubber and urethane products polyurethan produkte

Dynatect Ro-Lab is a leading specialist in compounding and producing custom rubber and urethane products with over 100 years of combined elastomer experience, in-house quality control and testing. Our expertise in production and process selection helps us deliver a well-designed and functional product.

Molding Capabilities

  • Rubber molding (compression, injection, transfer)
  • Urethane molding (compression, RIM, low pressure injection, open cast)
  • Mandrel-formed products (hoses, industrial and agriculturalrolls, rubber-lined pipes, continuous lengths of tubing and belts)


  • Small sized, high-volume parts
  • Large-scale parts
  • Insert molding (functional metal, textiles or ceramic inserts molded into rubber or polyurethane)
  • Custom material formulation (to meet performance specifications for durability, flexibility and elasticity)
  • Precise tolerances and special finishes

Special: Track Pad - Durable polyurthane component

Trackpad Bodenplatte für Fahrzeuge

Track Pads are high-quality , durable wear components for paving equipment and other machines. Formulated with a patented urethane with superior abrasion resistance they will outperform other trackpads on the market. The bolt-on design is versatile and easy to install. Size and composition of the pads will be designed custom-specific according to the machine weight and ground conditions.

Key advantages

  •  Longer-Life: Superior abrasion resistance
  •  Outside surface without drill holes: prevents dirt from accumulating
  •  Fewer Change-Outs: Reduce downtime
  •  Quick Installation: Bolt-on design is versatile and easy to install
  • Quality & Consistency: Computer controlled valves and scale ensures precise urethane formulation
  • Make It Your Own: Color and other customizations available


  •  Asphalt pavers
  •  Milling machines
  • Designed for dry traction areas and high-utilization

Technical Overview

  •  Industry standard size bolt-on pad design
  • Metric or SAE thread dimensions
  •  Additional custom sizes in 6 -8 weeks


The Dynatect Ro-Lab commitment is supported by an inventory of 100 rubber and urethane presses, with capacities ranging from 5 to 2,500 tons.

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