PowerGuard Fabric Bellows

Fabric bellow

Especially rugged fabric bellows 

Single units or small batches of PowerGuard Fabric Bellows can be made without any tooling costs. They are ideal for heavy-duty use and long service life. PowerGuard Fabric Bellows have an excellent track record in protecting cardan shafts, piston rods etc. against high environmental temperatures, flying sparks, dust, scale, sand etc.


As their name implies, PowerGuard Fabric Bellows are based on a special fabric coated to suit the intended use. They exhibit excellent dimensional stability and can be further stabilized by means of wire rings or coil springs. A zip fastener can be added to facilitate retrofitting.


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  • For very strong mechanical stress
  • For high temperatures (up to ~800°C)
  • In alkaline-solution or acid environments
  • Where ozone and UV resistance are of the essence
  • In aggressive or rough environments

On request, we will supply suitable hose clamps!

PowerGuard Materials and their properties

CR fabric

The time-tried material for outdoor use (ozone and weather resistant). 
This material can be made flame-retardant.

Leather bellow

CR fabric with PTFE coating

The ideal material when resistance to acid, alkaline-solution, laquer, solvents, ozone, weather and abrasion is needed.  This material is electrically conductive.

Kevlar® or Aluminum Carbon Fabric

Radiant heat resistant up to 900°C,  for permanent heat up to 200°C.  These materials can be PTFE coated for better resistance to abrasion and easier cleaning.

Fibreglass fabric

Excellent material when ozone, weather, oil, grease, solvents and temperature resistance (up to 700°C)  are required and for radiant heat up to 800°C.

Nomex® fabric coated with silicone

This is used whenever flame-retarding is needed. Certified according to French fire control standard, class F1/M1.


Oil, grease and temperature resistant.  Not recommended for use in moist environments.

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