Gortiflex, Special Moulded Bellows

Gortiflex Bälge

All Gortiflex Protective Covers are made from a tube of pure elastomer or elastomer-coated fabric, formed into a bellows-type cover.  This process gives you a completely sealed cover.

Main Advantages:

  • no or low tooling costs
  • a large variety of materials to solve applications
  • excellent extended to retracted ratio for a molded cover


gortiflex orange dynatect

  • in all shapes with inner diameter: round, oval, rectangular etc.
  • up to 600 mm length made from one piece
  • with any outside diameter
  • available with zippers, air inlets, air filters and wire reinforced
  • pressure resistant up to 10psi (= 0,7 bar) max

Typical Applications

Gortiflex Protective Covers can be used as expansion joints, vibratory feeder joints, compressor and engine intake as well as exhaust manifold connections, and fan duct connections.

gortiflex anwendung dynatect

Suitable for outdoor duty and severe environments.


Manufactured from neoprene, buna, butyl, viton, silicone and Goralon on fabrics such as nylon, kevlar, and fiberglass, Gortiflex can be made air and water tight.
With FDA-certification available (white)!

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