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Dynamic Protection for People and Equipment

Dynatect - Halltech, located in Schwaig close to the Munich airport, is one of the market leaders the industrial equipment protection sector.

Halltech was founded in 2006 and has developed into a full range supplier of dynamic equipment protection since its acquisition by Dynatect Manufacturing Inc. (formerly A&A Manufacturing) in 2012.
This has led to a line of products that ensures dynamic protection for both man and machine offering a great diversity of protective bellows, roll up covers, cover skirts, Steelfex covers as well as Polyclutch slip clutches.

Dynatect - Halltech will augment its capabilities as a global supplier in Germany and in Europe in general. With innovative product developments and matching growth strategies Dynatect is well on the way to support the industry in a sustainable man-machine cooperation.

DYNATECT Global Headquarter ist located in New Berlin, Wisconsin. Founded in 1945 by Gerald O'Rourke, the company began to concentrate its engineering and manufacturing efforts on developing flexible protective covers for the machine tool industry in 1949. Today DYNATECT  is a market leader with five production facilities and about 500 employees in North America. The four facilities are representing the leading product divisions: Gortite Covers, Gortrac Cable and Hose Carrriers, Gortite Roll Up Doors and Polyclutch miniature slip clutches.

Dynatect locations worldwide:

Produktion AA New Berlin

Global Headquarter New Berlin, Wisconsin
Manufacturing, Engineering, Customer Service
Global headquarters and production for Gortite® and Polyclutch® line

Ro Lab Dynatect, California USA

Tracy,California, USA
Manufacturing & Engineering
Dynatect Ro-Lab, molded rubber, urethane and plastics

PRoduktion A&A Gortrac

Valparaiso, Indiana, USA
Manufacturing & Engineering
Gortrac® cable carriers and Gortite roll-up doors


Traverse City, Michigan, USA
Manufacturing & Engineering
Dynatect LSI: ball screw products, ball screw repair
Produktion Werk Bielefeld

Steinhagen, Germany

Dynatect-Halltech Standort Schwaig

Schwaig, Germany
Sales Europe

Our complete product range:

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